Rail Baltica Business Network Estonia has been joined by Estonian Investment Agency (EIA), a part of Enterprise Estonia, a government agency promoting foreign investments into Estonia and assisting international companies in finding business opportunities in Estonia.

In the coming years, a new rail link will connect Estonia with the Central and Western Europe. EIA considers the Rail Baltica project to be one of the biggest investments in the coming years to improve travel opportunities for Estonian people, as well as to develop business, trade and tourism.

According to Tõnis Tamme, Member of the Board of the RB Business Network, EIA membership is a very welcome and positive development. He stressed that Rail Baltica is a megaproject of the century also on the European scale, and thereby an excellent opportunity for Estonian companies to cooperate with the leading infrastructure players from all over the world. Establishing and fostering such relationships is exactly what EIA has professional experience, capabilities and contacts for.

A non-profit Rail Baltica Business Network Estonia was established in 2015 to provide businesses a voice in issues related to the new railway and to engage the business community early in the development of Rail Baltica and the mapping of related business opportunities. Following EIA membership, the network now includes 27 companies and organizations, 2 of which are supporting members.