Connecting Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland with the European core railway network with the new, fast and green Rail Baltica is one of the decade’s largest infrastructure projects in the European Union. By now, the planning and design phases of Rail Baltica in all three Baltic States have been completed or reached their final stage and the construction of the new railway has begun.

Large infrastructure projects have been mostly initiated by the public sector. But in addition to the great geopolitical significance of the Rail Baltica, key importance in this megaproject is also attributed to the involvement of the private sector and business opportunities related to the new transport corridor. The Rail Baltica Business Network has been set up on private initiative to facilitate dialogue and joint efforts for the benefit of the Baltic project of the century and to help entrepreneurs better understand the business opportunities offered as well as the transit and logistics chains created by Rail Baltica.

By now, we have held more than 50 discussion forums and meetings focusing on the Rail Baltica in various formats in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland with altogether more than a thousand participants, including entrepreneurs, top executives and opinion leaders from both the private and public sector. We want our entrepreneurs to be prepared and ready for the time first trains roll on to the Rail Baltica railway!