High-speed railway Rail Baltic – one of European Union’s major projects in the next decade – connects the Baltics and Finland with Central Europe. The premise for the project has always been impetus from the European Union and dedication from member states. The Rail Baltic Company, which purpose is to coordinate the project, has been successfully put into action, planning activities in 3 Baltic States have are entered into its final phase and detailed profitability analyses are being prepared.

The state frequently acts as an initiator when implementing great infrastructure projects. Despite the geopolitical meaning of Rail Baltic, the projects economic efficiency also plays a key part.

In order for us to jointly contribute and think about the new business opportunities and new emerging transit and logistics chains associated with Rail Baltic, we offer interested parties the possibility to get prompt and latest information regarding the project’s development. We are also committed to mediating direct contacts between companies interested in the project.


Arranging a reliable and meaningful dialogue between interested companies and the public sector organizations leading the project
Mapping, analysing and introducing the new commodity flows, logistics solutions and other business development opportunities springing from the Rail Baltic project
Offering a discussion panel for regional Rail Baltic project business chain partners and developing organized private sector cooperation ties based on solid partnerships

Carrying through studies and marketing activities aimed at non-governmental partners tied to Rail Baltic project
Gathering and representing the attitudes and opinions of Rail Baltic Business Network in public debates and policy-making processes, contributing to the formation of sustainable Rail Baltic
Organizing and moderating discussion forums between interest groups directly tied to Rail Baltic and other TEN-T key projects connected to business networks